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Hapa Zome

Hapa Zome is the Japanese art of beating leaves with hammers to transfer the natural pigment into cloth. We had a go and it was big fun!



Look at our Dragon ! It has lots of legs, two long arms with big feathers, and spews fire berries! When discussing what dragons might eat (apples? grown-ups?) we lifted one of the logs of it’s tummy and guess what …. ? We found cereal bars inside !!


Look at the tree we created! We put a lot of thought into finding the materials and creating the branches/leaves etc. Amongst other things (such as ladders for the fairies) there is a bird nest in it, complete with feathers and little (blue) eggs in it.

The weather is getting colder and we enjoyed the sharing of a hot drink at snack time.


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The Woods

Lots of learning goes on in the woods ….

Over, under, through, around …



We love going for walks and running through the fieldsdsc03032

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